Company Footwear

Safety Boots and Shoes

Here at Branded Business Clothing we have a wide range of safety boots and shoes. Do you need to follow health & safety rules to protect your employees? Are your employees working in the warehouse or at the manufacturing site? There is probably a good reason to protect their feet with a good pair of safety boots or shoes. Most people assume that safety shoes are solely to protect their toes from crush or impact from falling objects. Things that you need to think about when looking at the safety shoes include: do your employees need to climb ladders? If so then, you should be looking for a safety shoe with a heel by this we mean a shoe that does not have a flat sole from front to back. Whether you are looking for boots for DIY, construction, manufacturing or other industries that require maximum safety precautions, you need to remember that all our safety boots are manufactured by well-established leaders in the safety footwear industries such as Dickies, DeWalt and Caterpillar. Buying protective footwear has never been easier. You can order everything online. If you need help and advice is a mere click away. Just remember “Safety First”. The correct footwear is essential for job performance and productivity.